Volume 3 Issue 3 March 2019

S.No Title and Author Article Country Photo
1 Personality Is an Intermediary of Stressful and Anxious Relationships before Women's Swimming Competition
Authors: Dao Chanh Thuc
Download Vietnam Dao Chanh Thuc
2 Result Prediction System using Data Science and Behaviour Analysis
Authors: Meet Mehta, Hiresh Joshi, Anand Singh, Shiwani Gupta
Download India Meet Mehta
3 Intended Design in Cooling System Plays a Vital Part in Heat Reduction Improving Overall Engine Performance
Authors: MSc. Muayyad Abdulhameed Al-Hayali, Dr. Mohammad M. AlAzzawi, MSc. KousayNafia Al-Ane
Download Iraq Muayyad Abdulhameed Al Hayali
4 Design and Development of Cancer Prediction using Machine Learning Technology System
Authors: Ashish Singh, Vishal Tripathi, Ankit Singh, Shiwani Gupta
Download India Ashish Singh
5 A Study of the Protein Fractionation and Cholesterol Concentration of Camel Meat, Sheep Meat and Goat Meat
Authors: Dr. Siham Abdelwhab Alamin
Download Sudan Siham Abdelwhab Alamin
6 Effect of Saw Dust Ash as a Partial Replacement of Cement on Fresh and Hardened Properties of Concrete
Authors: Muhammad Habib Ur Rehman, Dr. Fareed Ahmed Memon, Samar Hussain Rizvi, Nisar Ahmed Gabol
Download Pakistan Muhammad Habib Ur Rehman


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